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What Is Christian Counseling

Christian Counseling, in a basic sense, acknowledges that a person’s faith plays a vital role in the healing of emotional or behavioral problems. Therefore, this type of counseling intentionally seeks to make faith a significant part of the “treatment” process. In whatever problem is faced, Christian Counseling acknowledges that Jesus Christ can powerfully work in our lives to bring about healing and relief.

The Difference Between Christian Counseling and Secular Mental Health Treatment

For many years, psychological researchers and behavioral scientists have come to understand that emotional problems like depression, and anxiety are caused by multiple factors. From years of research, they have developed best practices that outline a holistic approach for dealing with emotional or behavioral health issues. Preferred treatment guidelines for mental health practitioners now address multiple sources of problems such as the biological, psychological, and social functioning of the individual. Most recently, psychological treatments have also begun to acknowledge that spirituality should also be a focus of the healing process.

At its best, mental health practitioners encourage their clients to engage this holistic process of addressing emotional problems (paying attention to biological, psychological, social, and spiritual factors). However, in secular mental health settings faith can often be ignored, or marginalized as clinicians are sometimes uncomfortable with the concept of faith. Worse yet, some organizations or individuals will seek to integrate a generic “spirituality” that directly contradicts a Christian’s faith and the teachings of their church.

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Christian Counseling

We seek a holistic approach that addresses the “treatment” areas that other secular counseling or mental health organizations provide. However, our counselors will consistently integrate the vital aspect of a person’s faith. Our counselors are rooted and mature in their faith, and are able to skillfully include a faith based process of healing and change. In addition, clients are introduced to the best available resources that the church can offer as part of the treatment process.

Our staff is supervised, certified and/or licensed and well respected by both the clinical and church communities. We incorporate biblically grounded practices into all counseling and interventions that are consistent with the teachings of the church.

Jesus Christ, and the Bible are the model for our counseling practice. We seek to enter a Spirit-led process of change and growth with our clients.

Is Christian Counseling right for me?

Regardless of where you are in your spiritual journey, you are welcome at Christian Counseling Associates. We seek to meet people where they are in their spirituality. Our counselors are sensitive, compassionate and want to help.

When scheduling an appointment with Christian Counseling Associates, you can expect a confidential, comfortable environment, and a counselor assignment within two hours of your first phone call. You can also expect a counselor who is involved in their own church, seeking personal growth in their relationship with Christ, and someone who can provide the most excellent level of Christian Counseling care.

We provide a full range of services to those who need counseling for any individual, marital, or family concern. When desired, psychiatric referrals for medication management are available for those who struggle with more serious emotional problems.

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