Substance Addiction Counseling

Christian Counseling Associates can assist those who are addicted, family members, and others affected by substance use & addiction.

CCA provides Outpatient and Intensive Outpatient Services with the following convenient options:

Pennsylvania DACCA Program:

  • Onsite Outpatient and Intensive Outpatient Services in our Greensburg Office and New Brighton Office.
  • Now Accepting Medicaid in Westmoreland County
  • Convenient Online Counseling Options for all PA Residents

Ohio, and West Virginia DACCA Programs:

New York DACCA Program:

  • Our Jamestown Office Accepts Onsite Referrals
  • Online Treatment is available for all NY residents

CCA accepts most major insurances and has affordable options:

  • Treatment is covered by most insurance plans
  • CCA offers affordable private pay options for uninsured clients
  • CCA offers grant funded services for those who lack income or are experiencing financial hardship (must meet income guideline requirements)

Our services are licensed and certified by:

  • The Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol “Programs”
  • Department of Mental Health and Addictions Services of Ohio

We facilitate the following as part of our treatment process:

  • Medication-Assisted Treatments (in Pennsylvania) for Opioid addicted clients
  • Assessment and Referral to Inpatient Care when needed
  • Random Drug Testing that is convenient and non-invasive

Our services are available for:

  • Adolescents from mild to severe substance use issues
  • Adults from mild to severe addiction issues
  • Tobacco is linked to 440,000 deaths per year.

  • In 2011, there were 9,878 fatalities in crashes involving alcohol impaired drivers (31 percent of total traffic fatalities for that year).

  • Use of these substances cost Americans over half a trillion dollars per year from the medical, economic, social, and criminal impacts on our society.

Approximately 40 percent of all crimes are committed under the influence of alcohol
40 percent convicted of rape or assault state they were drinking at the time of the offense.

CCA provides high quality care in a respectful, faith based environment.

Often times recovery can seem like an isolated process. Addicted individuals and their families often feel alone. At CCA, experience the difference of treatment with a spiritual foundation that is connected to genuine community. Ready to break the cycle of addiction? Don’t try to do it alone. Find your turning point at Christian Counseling Associates!

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