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Dr. Rich Hoffman, Founder and Clinical Director of Christian Counseling Associates will offer podcasts that will cover a wide range of mental health topics from a biblical perspective. It’s CCA’s hope that during your listening time, you will receive sound clinical advice, inspiration and timeless wisdom to face daily challenges, or help others along the way.

Ask Christian Counseling Associates talks with special guest Robby Angle, author of “The Cure for Groups.” Robby is the President and CEO of Trueface, an organization that seeks effective ways for teaching complex biblical principles of truth and grace, and moves people from pleasing God to trusting God with their new identity. In this episode, we talk about concepts and techniques that will help you guide small groups in a manner that will make these meetings full of impact and purpose.

Podcast 14 | Leading Authentic Groups in the Church with Rich Hoffman (Guest: Special Guest Robby Angle) | 50 min 21 sec

In the modern world, it is easy to misperceive the true identity of Jesus. It is recorded in John 14:7, that Jesus said, “If you had known Me, you would have known My Father also; from now on you know Him, and have seen Him.” This is one of the statements found in the Bible where Jesus directly claims to His followers that He is God. Join this episode of Ask Christian Counseling Associates and special guest Rev. Dr. Allyn Ricketts, author of the new book, “He claimed to be God” as we explore the true identity of Jesus and how these powerful revelations relate to our emotional healing and growth.

Podcast 13 | He Claimed to Be God with Rich Hoffman (Guest: Special Guest Allyn Ricketts, Ph.D.) | 47 min 19 sec

Recent inflation has triggered rising prices and financial stress across the country. How can financial uncertainty affect your mental health? How does financial matters expose unique habits and personality characteristics? What is the best way to navigate through these changing times? Join Dr. Rich Hoffman, and special guest Nick Wyzkiewicz, Financial Advisor from Kadis Margolis Corporation as they explore how financial challenges affect us emotionally and spiritually. Listeners will gain essential insights that can help move past emotional triggers, and bring about financial stability and security during these challenging times.

Podcast 12 | Dealing with Financial Stress in Uncertain Times with Rich Hoffman (Guest: Nick Wyzkiewicz) | 53 min 17 sec

During the New Year’s celebrations many hope for a new start, and to make a lasting change in their lives. This episode of Ask Christian Counseling focuses on 5 key Biblical designs for lasting change. Seeking to make a change in your physical health, lose weight, or make a career change? Discover God’s design for lasting change, and make this a transformational New Year!

Podcast 11 | A Lasting Change for the New Year with Rich Hoffman (Guest: Corry Wise) | 25 min 50 sec

Part of God’s design for our life involves Transparency, Accountability, and Growth (TAG). For this reason, getting back on track involves reconnecting with these significant lifestyle factors. TAG Groups at CCA are designed to help get you unstuck, and back on track for good! In this episode of Ask Christian Counseling Associates, join Dr. Rich Hoffman and special guest, Allen Joseph, M.A. to learn all about how TAG groups work, and why you should join one today at a CCA location near you!

Podcast 10 | Why Join a CCA Tag Group? with Rich Hoffman (Guest: Allen Joseph) | 51 min 13 sec

Managing Anger can be the difference between success and failure in our most important relationships. In this podcast, join Dr. Rich Hoffman, and special guest Sheena Abraham, as they take a comprehensive look at how anger is triggered, and how it can be effectively managed. Listen to this podcast and gain key insights into managing anger even in the most challenging situations.

Podcast 9 | Managing Anger from a Bio, Psycho, Social, Spiritual Perspective with Rich Hoffman (Guest: Sheena Abraham) | 58 min 08 sec

Just as we climb out of the uncertain times of a pandemic, it is important to stay aware of a major “rite of passage” that is just up ahead for our kids. Entering the world of work or college life, especially after COVID-19, can be overwhelming without wise preparation. This podcast explores how to stay on top of the transition that our adolescents are facing as they journey into young adulthood. In this episode, learn the 5 key life areas that every parent should assess and support to ensure success for their young adult heading off to the next stage of life.

Podcast 8 | Guiding Your Adolescent’s Transition to Adulthood with Rich Hoffman (Guest: Kristin Easley) | 55 min 27 sec

Ever wanted to know what makes counseling work? This podcast is a “Counseling 101” for anyone who is in the process of reaching out for help. Are you considering counseling, or currently have a counselor at Christian Counseling Associates? Are you a pastor, or professional who wants to help others get back on track more effectively? This episode provides 5 vital ways to get the biggest impact from your time in counseling!

Podcast 7 | 5 Ways to Get the Most From Your Counseling at CCA with Rich Hoffman (Guest: Sheena Abraham) | 54 min 58 sec

At Christian Counseling Associates (CCA), we acknowledge that a strong marriage is the key to building strong families. Having the support of a strong and faithful family is the cornerstone of developing psychological well-being. In this podcast we ask the question, how does Woke Culture view and support Christian Marriage? How does Wokeism affect long held values taught in the average Christian Church? Join Dr. Rich Hoffman and special guest David Collins from CCA as they explore the impact of “Critical Theory” and how God’s timeless design from Marriage can affect our emotional and spiritual development.

Podcast 6 | Woke Culture and Christian Marriage with Rich Hoffman (Guest: David Collins) | 55 min 58 sec

In the season of COVID-19, concern about physical health and well being has triggered anxiety in many people. The Anatomy of Fear explores what is at the core of the experience of fear and dread. Once you break down what is at the heart of the issue, you can master your fears. Want a blueprint for navigating emotional challenges during the COVID Crisis? Listen to the Anatomy of Fear, and learn how to face any situation with a sense of peace. The Anatomy of Fear Infographic

Podcast 5 | THE ANATOMY OF FEAR with Rich Hoffman | 31 min 6 sec

Resilience – the capacity to recover quickly. The ability to spring back. It starts with a deep knowledge that you are not alone in the struggle. We hope this podcast will help you face the upcoming days with a renewed strength and spirit.

Podcast 4 | RESILIENCY IN TIMES OF CRISIS with Rich Hoffman | 24 min 19 sec

Committed Action is a core value of the counseling process. As we improve our ability to manage dysfunctional thoughts and feelings, we learn that our symptoms are not the main issue. We need to allow symptoms to point us to the underlying issues and habits in our lives that cause the pain we experience. When this connection becomes clear, we have the opportunity to get in touch with deeper heart virtues, and let them guide our actions for the future. Committed action is part of every growth process.

Podcast 3 | TAKING COMMITTED ACTION with Rich Hoffman | 22 min 35 sec

Being in contact with the present, allows us to maintain emotional health and grow spiritually. When psychological inflexibility develops, we develop more of a past or future focus in our minds. Find out more about the importance of “Being Present” in this podcast episode of “Ask Christian Counseling Associates.”

Podcast 2 | BEING PRESENT with Rich Hoffman | 28 min 53 sec

The soul perspective is looking at life from the watchful part of our mind.  Emotional health is promoted and maintained by our ability to stay flexible with the content of the mind.  We are flexible when we grow in our ability to be watchful, acknowledging thoughts and feelings, without letting them define us.  Join us for CCA’s very first podcast, and learn how the “soul perspective” can help you face daily life challenges and experience spiritual growth.

Podcast 1 | THE IMPORTANCE OF SOUL PERSPECTIVE with Rich Hoffman | 24 min 31 sec

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