Psychological Testing Services

Christian Counseling Associates (CCA) is qualified to provide psychological testing services for individuals, groups, small businesses, and large corporations.

Christian psychological services address what merely secular psychological services leave out, giving you a more complete picture of individuals, groups, and the dynamic between them. Our licensed staff can assess your testing needs, make recommendations, and provide specific psychological tests and comprehensive reports.

Here is an overview of our assessment process and services:

  • New! Cognitive Assessments at CCA:

Cognitive Testing is appropriate for those who are seeking to measure overall brain health throughout the lifespan. Comprehensive cognitive assessment allows you to objectively evaluate your short-term memory, reasoning, concentration and verbal abilities. This test is available for $50 per administration.

Cognitive Testing measures key areas of brain functioning for those struggling with:

  • Depressive Disorder
  • Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Memory issues associated with early Alzheimer’s and Dementia
  • Age related decline in cognitive functioning
  • Decline in cognitive functioning due to Stroke
  • Decline in cognitive functioning due to Concussion
  • Mental Health Assessment:

Available for those needing court ordered assessments and recommendations. Also available for school based referrals involving child behavioral problems. Includes an in-depth observation process, psychological testing, and official psychological report when needed.

  • Ministerial Assessments:

CCA provides assessments to church groups and organizations. This is appropriate for those entering into ministry in the local church. CCA also provides assessments for short-term and long-term disability situations. We can also consult with your organization to provide a customized assessment service that will be accessible to ministerial candidates across Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia.

  • Vocational Assessments:

Available for high school and college students who want a more reliable exploration of career choices. This is recommended for those who are in the process of selecting a college or university. This is also highly effective for those seeking a career change at any stage of life.

  • Intelligence and Personality Testing:

These assessment tools are often effective in measuring behavior, ability, or personality to a high degree of objectivity. Testing provides a more in depth understanding of the level of intellectual and emotional functioning. It can accelerate the normal counseling process by providing immediate and vital information. This is a great option for individuals, church groups or any organization.

  • Prepare/Enrich Marital Assessment:

This is an ideal assessment for premarital and marriage counseling clients. This assessment process gives you the tools your marriage will need to succeed. This assessment is available for a $75 administration fee per couple.

We Offer Multiple Testing Sites

Christian Counseling Associates operates in over 50 locations across Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia. This enables CCA to quickly provide your testing and report needs at a location near you.

Our Testing Fees

Although fees may vary according to the specific needs of the group, organization, or the individual, the following serves as a basic guideline:

Test Administration

Prices Vary According to Service

Please don’t hesitate to share your questions or concerns. You may contact us online or call: (724) 396-1510.

Test Interpretation and Report Writing

$100 per hour

Please don’t hesitate to share your questions or concerns. You may contact us online or call: (724) 396-1510.

Please don’t hesitate to share your questions or concerns. You may contact us online or call: (724) 396-1510.

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