Marriage Tune Up

Christian Counseling Associates is offering “Marriage Tune Up,” a dynamic six-week marriage class designed to help you look deeper into the heart of your most important earthly relationship.

Sessions will include activities for couples, biblical teachings, relationship assessments, communication tools and steps to immediately put these principles into action. Whether your marriage is the best it has ever been or in serious need, “Marriage Tune-Up” will be a blessing.

  • Nurture unity in Christ
  • Strengthen your marriage
  • Invest in the future
  • Enhance communication skills
  • Build lasting connection
  • Manage conflicts in a healthy way
  • Motivate to change

We are currently offering marriage classes in the following locations and will gladly consider running a class at your location: Carnegie, Cranberry, Greensburg, Grove City, Kittanning, McDonald, Monaca, Port Vue, South Park and Washington City Center.

Sign up for a class in you area! Transform your marriage today!

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