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Home for the Holidays 2.0

home for the holidays 2.0

Home for the Holidays 2.0

Dealing with Anxiety Depression and Trauma

The Holidays are a critical time for families. It is traditional for Christian Counseling Associates to be available for those who struggle with challenges during Thanksgiving and Christmas. For the next 7 weeks we will be talking about achieving victory as a family. As we move toward this holiday season, we are sort of left “scratching our heads.” Usually there is some type of formula to follow. In a normal year, we could be reflecting on what happened last holiday season, and start to make a plan to build on previous routines. The 2020 holiday season promises to present us with new challenges.

What does it mean to be “Home for the Holidays” this year? For many of us, there is significant uncertainty. Will family gatherings be possible? Will family members want to get together? Will the election season (instead of holiday celebrations) be our focus until January 20th (and beyond)?

Proverbs 29 25

Living in Christ provides the freedom to celebrate this holiday season.

He is the Captain of our soul. Fear of people, viruses, and challenging times can distract us from a relationship with Him. In extreme forms, fear can make us afraid to celebrate. Far from this is the fear of God which includes respect, reverence, and trust, which is liberating. Together with our families, let us work on fearing the Lord, instead of giving into destructive anxiety.

We all wish for our families to be strong. Families ultimately matter a great deal to us. Whether it be our spouses, children, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, in-laws or other extended family members and friends, the holidays remind us how much these relationships matter. Maybe more importantly, when we are isolated from our family, the holidays are a very sore reminder of how central our family and friends are to our lives.

What does it mean to celebrate these Holidays with a Christian focus? Here is our goal: let’s grow in the sense of what it means to be liberated in the freedom the only Jesus Christ can bring


  • Resist Fear

  • Resist Anxiety

  • Resist Depression

Here is a worship song, from Lifeline Worship, called Anxiety Bows. Spend a moment to listen and reflect on stepping back from any anxiety. The Holidays are an opportunity to lay this down at the feet of Jesus, and let Hope and Peace remain.

Need help with being “Home for the Holidays?” Whatever challenge you face this season, we are here to help. Want to learn more about cultivating Hope and Peace in your life? Call us today!

We would like to walk alongside you in this season. Stay in touch with are article series or schedule some visits onsite or online this holiday season. We look forward to this Holiday 2.0 with you!

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