Christian Active Parenting

Christian Active Parenting combines the best in proven parenting skills with the wisdom of the Christian faith to strengthen your parenting approach.

Based on timeless Biblical wisdom, and 30 years of parenting and educational research, this program transforms family relationships. Christian Counseling Associates leads this dynamic class that will help parents find their “next right step” on the pathway to encouraging discipline, faith, and wisdom in the next generation.

The Christian Active Parenting class will show you ways to:

  • Use effective discipline for children ages 5 to 12
  • Establish effective communication habits that build relationships
  • Build a Biblical tradition of encouragement and wisdom
  • Encourage school success in 7 smart ways
  • Overcome anger through the word of God
  • Prevent future use of tobacco, alcohol and other drugs
  • Establish conflict resolutions skills for tough times
  • Parenting special needs children

We can offer this to your church or organization. Just call us, recruit the participants, and we will send a facilitator to your location!

For more information please download our Christian Active Parenting Flyer.

Sign up for a class in your area and transform your parenting today!

Christian Active Parenting
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