John R. Miller, Counselor (Pre-Licensed)


John received a Master’s in Counseling and a B.S. in Psychology from Edinboro University.


John’s experience includes work as a Behavioral Health Technician, de-escalating aggressive patients, and a position in mental health at Stairways Behavioral Health, supporting clients and handling emergencies, including crises and hospitalizations. He has experience at the VA Medical Center, providing psycho-education, and at Edinboro, he was a graduate assistant in the art therapy department.

Areas of Specialty:

John’s areas of interest include stress management, depression and anxiety, PTSD, chronic pain management, insomnia, ADHD, academic underachievement, adoption-related issues, substance abuse, career counseling, the development of coping skills, sexual and domestic abuse, clients with dual diagnoses, family conflict, gambling addiction, grief counseling, OCD, self-harming behavior, spiritual issues, suicidality, trauma, and impulse control. In his practice, John works with adults, and employs a variety of therapeutic approaches including: CBT, faith-based counseling, and motivational interviewing.


John sees clients at our McKean and North Harbor locations.

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