Truth in Uncertain Times

Truth in Uncertain Times So many years ago, we witnessed Pilot’s dilemma that is just as prevalent in today’s uncertain culture. As a government official, Pilot was tempted to align with the majority opinion, rather than be a “Truth teller.” For those of us caught up in the pursuit of power, there [...]

2022-09-15T15:00:46-04:00February 1st, 2021|

Don’t Get Swayed this Christmas by Challenging Emotions

Don’t Get Swayed this Christmas by Challenging Emotions A lot of mixed emotions are triggered during the Christmas season. During the current pandemic, celebrations may trigger a lot of anxiety. However, the challenge of the holiday is to overcome any distracting emotions, memories, or dysfunctional habits and stay focused [...]

2022-09-15T15:02:03-04:00December 7th, 2020|

Honoring Our Veterans

Honoring Our Veterans CCA honors all of those who have served the country in war or peace. May God bless our Veterans. Shaking with Patriotism During the early days of World War II, the American forces undertook the invasion of Sicily. The 1st Ranger Battalion, an Army special [...]

2022-09-15T15:04:30-04:00November 9th, 2020|

The Cycle of Addiction

The Cycle of Addiction Addiction to alcohol or other substances can affect anyone. Unfortunately, some of us are more vulnerable to the cycle of addition than others. However, anyone has the capacity to fall into addictive behavior. Recognizing the cycle of addiction is an important first step in healing from the deceptive [...]

2022-09-15T15:06:22-04:00October 17th, 2020|

CCA to Provide Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitative Services

CCA to Provide Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitative Services CCA is now licensed to provide Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitative Services in Greensburg, PA! September is annually designated "National Recovery Month" in the U.S. as an effort to raise awareness regarding the impact that addiction has on individuals, families, and communities [...]

2022-09-15T15:07:45-04:00September 28th, 2020|

Stay Healthy and Aware!

Stay Healthy and Aware! Get Back In Touch With What Matters 3 Effects of Prolonged Elevated Anxiety Hypervigilance - a state of increased alertness. Anxiety naturally over focuses, or inflates our sense of potential threats in our environment. Frozen in Place - anxiety leads to fear and uncertainty which impairs are [...]

2022-09-15T15:09:27-04:00May 5th, 2020|

The Anatomy of Fear

The Anatomy of Fear In the season of COVID-19, concern about physical health and well being has triggered anxiety in many people. The Anatomy of Fear explores what is at the core of the experience of fear and dread. Once you breakdown what is at the heart of issue, [...]

2022-09-15T15:09:56-04:00April 26th, 2020|

Acceptance Versus Avoidance – Part 2

Acceptance Versus Avoidance - Part 2 Psychological Flexibility As discussed in last week's article (click here to read full article), Psychological Flexibility can be seen as a continuum of being emotionally flexible and healthy to being emotionally inflexible and unhealthy. The process of developing Psychological Flexibility follows core aspects of how we [...]

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