Home for the Holidays 2.0

The Holidays are a critical time for families. It is traditional for Christian Counseling Associates to be available for those who struggle with challenges during Thanksgiving and Christmas. For the next 7 weeks we will be talking about achieving victory as a family. As we move toward this holiday season, we [...]

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How Does Counseling Work?

Psychological Assessment Tools Available at CCA The beginning of counseling involves an acknowledgment that help is needed. Where are we experiencing pain? Is it emotional anxiety, or depression? Is it physical pain? Maybe we know there is something wrong because of broken relationships or isolation? Maybe it's a deeper sense that something ultimately [...]

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Do I Have A Chemical Imbalance?

Some years ago, I saw a new commercial (watch video here), featuring a sad white bubble, narrated with a subtle phrase, “your depression may be due to a chemical imbalance.”  I turned to my 4-year old son and asked, “who’s that (motioning to the friendly looking character)?”  He seemed to already accept the fact [...]

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