Truth in Uncertain Times

So many years ago, we witnessed Pilot’s dilemma that is just as prevalent in today’s uncertain culture. As a government official, Pilot was tempted to align with the majority opinion, rather than be a “Truth teller.” For those of us caught up in the pursuit of power, there is a worldly wisdom that [...]

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The Importance of Soul Perspective

People arrive in counseling with a history of self judgments, evaluations, thoughts, images, feelings, rules, memories, physiological sensations, roles, and impulses. These self-judgments have great potential to influence how we perceive our identity. “Self as content” and “Self as context” are psychological terms used to define how we relate to our own [...]

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How Does Counseling Work?

Psychological Assessment Tools Available at CCA The beginning of counseling involves an acknowledgment that help is needed. Where are we experiencing pain? Is it emotional anxiety, or depression? Is it physical pain? Maybe we know there is something wrong because of broken relationships or isolation? Maybe it's a deeper sense that something ultimately [...]

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influences in emotion and behavior

1. What is One - Dimensional Treatment? Many times when seeking help for emotional problems like depression and anxiety, we are under the impression that these issues are due to a chemical imbalance. Advertising campaigns, primary care physicians, classroom “experts,” and even trusted friends may contribute to the opinion that when emotional problems get [...]

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Becoming Stress Resistant

Stress in life is inevitable. We all have to deal with it. In this week's, Mind Matters we begin to explore how a lifestyle that is centered in faith can make the difference in how we experience a stressful situation. You slept through the alarm clock. While racing out the door, your dog gets [...]

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