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Overcoming Your Psychological “Set Point”

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Counseling with Impact

Internal challenges such as depression, anxiety, addiction, trauma, and grief are common. In the routines of everyday life, it is easy to lose sight of our life’s purpose and become attached to dysfunctional psychological patterns.

At Christian Counseling Associates (CCA), we provide interventions based on solid principles that are researched, empirically validated, and proven to be effective. We also look past the symptoms to seek God’s design for healing and growth. This is where timeless wisdom and psychological science come together.

When we realize God’s design for mental health and spiritual growth, the result is freedom from dysfunctional and harmful patterns and the beginning of long-lasting recovery.

Overcoming Your Psychological “Set Point”

When emotional symptoms take hold of our lives, they form patterns in our minds, which eventually become behaviors, which then become routine. Social scientists argue that it takes anywhere from 21 days to about 66 days to form a new habit.

Psychological patterns that we naturally acquire eventually become mental “set points” or habits that sometimes make growth and change challenging. Unfortunately, bad psychological habits seem easier to form, than good ones.

Counseling is designed to help us overcome psychological set points that continually drag us back or keep us stuck. One design that contributes to positive growth and change happens through the principle of discrimination and tracking.

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Discrimination and Tracking

Discrimination is achieved when we can separate ourselves and our actions from habits and urges that frequently present themselves in daily living. This can happen when we commit to looking past easy to detect symptoms, urges, and emotional pain that usually brings us to counseling. The goal becomes identifying core factors that have led to emotional and life problems.

At Christian Counseling Associates, we help our clients achieve this through an in-depth mental health evaluation, which includes psychological testing and ongoing assessment. Our counselors provide a full psychosocial assessment for every course of counseling. In addition, we are trained to provide the Partners in Change Outcome Management System (PCOMS) and Cognitive Assessments through Cambridge Sciences. These tools enhance the ability of the counseling to accurately identify core factors that prevent emotional healing and growth.

Tracking refers to the ability to see, define and describe the relationship between our core identity and our environment. Tracking can help bring into sharper awareness of whom God has designed us to be versus how an emotional disorder has created a psychological set point in our daily lives.

CCA Counselors help track your progress on a regular basis through assessment, goal setting, and collaborative planning which helps our clients make wise decisions about whatever challenges have brought them to seek help. The counseling principles of discrimination and tracking help our clients overcome their issues more effectively and efficiently.

At Christian Counseling Associates, we not only carefully listen and care for our clients. We employ solid counseling principles that help our clients break free from dysfunctional patterns.

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