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Designs for Mental Health and Spiritual Growth

Internal challenges such as depression, anxiety, addiction, trauma, and grief are common. In the routines of everyday life, it is easy to lose sight of our life’s purpose and become attached to dysfunctional psychological patterns.

At Christian Counseling Associates, we provide interventions based on solid principles that are researched, empirically validated, and proven to be effective. We also look past the symptoms to seek God’s design for healing and growth. This is where timeless wisdom and psychological science come together.

When we realize God’s design for mental health and spiritual growth, the result is freedom from dysfunctional and harmful patterns and the beginning of long-lasting recovery.

A Pause from the Whirlwind

When emotional symptoms take hold of our lives, it is like being caught in a tornado. Imagine the sensation of being blown around in a whirlwind, with so much turbulence it is hard to make sense of what is up or down, or how to regain your footing. One of the challenges in the midst of any psychological challenge is to realize that the chaos and tension is not our identity, it is only a symptom. If we can regain this focus, the psychological storms begin to pass.

Counseling is designed to pause these whirlwinds in the mind, and allow us to separate emotions and situations for a short period of time. This time of observation promotes a new perspective that brings about healing.

1 Timothy 6 6 7

The simplicity of contentment is one way to push pause on the whirlwinds of life. Although this contentment can be found in the innocence of childhood, it is not age dependent. This kind of contentment can be found in nature. It involves standing back from the complexity of life, recognizing the obstacles, and looking past them. This type of vision can be found in faith. It is a state of mind and a type of heart focus. It is a place that generates contentment and trust regardless of circumstance.

We often seek this perspective in the summertime. The sea, the breeze, the sky, a sunny day, and the beauty of these things, can draw us close to a new perspective.

The birds’ carefree song, a flower’s pleasant fragrance, and the beauty of life can bring a new sense of well-being.

Take time to focus on the beauty of God’s creation. This can happen just by pausing the daily routine. Prayer, a meditation on God’s word, and a walk outside can quickly bring back a sense of the goodness of life.

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