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Truth in Uncertain Times

Truth in Uncertain Times2

Truth in Uncertain Times

John 18 37 38

So many years ago, we witnessed Pilot’s dilemma that is just as prevalent in today’s uncertain culture. As a government official, Pilot was tempted to align with the majority opinion, rather than be a “Truth teller.” For those of us caught up in the pursuit of power, there is a worldly wisdom that aligns with the majority opinion, instead of God’s Truth. In times of trouble, the majority opinion can become the loudest voice, and lead us away from seeking the Truth.

Proverbs 3 5‭ ‬6

When we value power and politics over Truth, we lose the ability to discern between right and wrong. We become disconnected from our spiritual heart, which is a cause of confusion and disorder. In challenging times, we can always choose to embrace God’s Truth. In Jesus and His Word, we have a standard for Truth, that can guide our decisions.

2 Timothy 3 16‭ ‬17

The world causes confusion by weaving deception with influences that involve the use of power, popular opinion, and even promises of comfort and security. God’s wisdom leads us to build a life discipline of focusing on the Truth, even when it is inconvenient, unpopular, or revealing of facts that are hard to face.

In Times of Uncertainty – Value Nothing More Than Truth

God Defines Truth
Resist the voices of power, politics, empty promises that contradict or distort the Truth.

We Can Choose to Be Truth Tellers
Be transparent with your community of faith regarding your current struggle.

We are Stronger Together
Build accountability by trusting others who share a commitment in faith. Let them support you in identifying God’s Truth in your current struggle.

Worldly Lie – My faith is private, between me and God.

God’s Truth – Faith is personal, and lived out and supported in the community faith.

In times of uncertainty, God’s design for our lives can cut through the confusion. God will never contradict His Truth and guidance found in scripture. Setting up our lives to let God’s Truth be our guide above all else, will bring peace and clarity.

Confused on how to discover God’s Truth in your life? Reach out in faith to a Bible-believing church, and connect with other believers. Not sure where to start? Let us help! Christian Counseling Associates is here to help you plan your next steps to finding God’s wisdom in uncertain times. We look forward to hearing from you!

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