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What are you afraid of?

What are you afraid of

What are you afraid of?

There is a high price to pay for being overtaken by fear.

Anxiety is an immobilizer. It stops us from moving forward and living life. It is a thief that robs us of our dreams. This is the most damaging aspect of fear.

The current environment is challenging. We are reminded daily of the possibility of serious illness, financial collapse, or even the sense that our lives could be threatened. Sadly, many of us are isolated, and fear being alone. These fears can flood our awareness and influence us in destructive ways.

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The Price of Fear

People are influenced by primary needs that until fulfilled, can preoccupy us, even influence all of our behaviors. Primary needs center first around physiological or survival needs, such as hunger, and thirst. If we don’t have enough food and water, we can’t survive. Beyond these physiological needs, safety is also a need that is difficult to be left unfulfilled. If we don’t feel personally safe from the possibility of harm, we tend to lose interest in other life pursuits.

When I taught psychology, I would always use this class example; if you could hear bombs going off down the street, and it meant that an army was coming to seize the campus, you wouldn’t much care about the class lesson anymore, or what your grade at the end of the semester would be. Because of the unmet safety need, your focus is on whether it’s better to fight or flee from the impending danger. In war zones, universities don’t stay in business for too long.

Fear can be real or imagined. When fear takes hold of our lives, it stops us from developing. Our future hopes, dreams and plans get put on hold. Especially for those who are in their formative years of development, this state of suspension can be life altering.

Don’t allow fear and anxiety to sidetrack your life. As we look toward election week, and veterans day, we are reminded of acts of courage. Many have fought, and died for the freedoms we enjoy in America. Many brave souls have faced life threatening challenges, so that we could be safe to pursue our hopes and dreams. Real courage is taking action, even in the face of fear. Facing anxiety and fear requires us to continue forward, trusting the power of God. Don’t let anxiety steal your freedom.

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Don’t allow Anxiety to Overtake Your Life

If you are feeling stuck in anxiety, you don’t need to face the struggle alone. CCA is ready to stand with you to face the challenge!

Seven Indicators that Anxiety is Overtaking My Life

CCA Offers Innovative Treatment Options For Those Struggling with Severe Anxiety


Christian Counseling Associates (CCA) can provide full scale evaluations and comprehensive treatment strategies for those with severe symptoms of anxiety. When needed, CCA works collaboratively with Christian based psychiatry for medication management, and can assess and directly facilitate referrals for psychiatric appointments.

However, we also have many treatment options that are effective for rapidly reducing severe symptoms of anxiety. These always should be considered first, because they are safer, and more long lasting solutions to severe anxiety or other psychological problems.

In any case, CCA has the resources for you with our organization that you will not be able to find in the smaller practice, or will not be offered in a hospital or clinic. Want the best treatment options? Schedule an appointment with CCA today!

Freespira offers an ideal treatment option for Panic Attacks and PTSD patients

  • Delivers long lasting results in a one-time short term intervention
  • A drug-free alternative for Panic Attacks and PTSD
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