Pornography is sexually explicit material that dehumanizes, objectifies, and degrades men and women for the purpose of sexual arousal. Unfortunately, Internet pornography is more popular than ever (see statistics to the left). Pornography promotes escape from reality. It allows the user to participate in sexual behavior without responsibility or consequences.

Many rationalize this type of avoidant behavior as harmless. How can this be? One explanation is that as we engage in pleasure seeking, we gravitate away from reality.

Psychologically, this type of behavior is termed, experiential avoidance.  This is defined as the struggle to accept unpleasant inner experiences, including distressing thoughts, feelings, and sensations.  When a person engages in this type of dysfunctional pattern, they tend to become disconnected from their values, and over time, increasingly engage in behavior that lacks self control and is ultimately harmful.

Surprisingly, many studies demonstrate that as we seek to escape reality, not only do our problems increase, but we also feel worse.  This is ironic, in that as we seek to escape from pain, we only get stuck in unhealthy behavior that increases our pain. When “feeling good” guides our behavior instead of moral values or virtues, our problems get out of control.

Habitual use of pornography is one example of avoidant, pleasure seeking behavior.  It is also a disconnection from your internal moral compass that prevents impulsive and destructive behavior.  Ultimately, it is a disconnection from God’s plan and design for your life.
If you or someone you know is caught up in a habit of pornography, help is available.  At Christian Counseling Associates, we can assist you in turning from the destructive fantasy life of pornography use. Get back in touch with real relationships.  Engage God’s purpose for your life, and experience true freedom today!

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