Want to learn more
about your parenting style
and effective parenting techniques?


Improved parenting can transform a child’s life, or be the turning point in many chronic family problems.  This month we will be focusing on the importance of the parent child relationship.

Christian Counseling Associates offers Christian Active Parenting to help families.  This famous 6-session program is clinically designed for parents of children 5 to 12.  During this time, parenting can help to effectively mold behavioral and emotional patterns that can last a lifetime.

That’s why CCA recommends that families take the Christian Active Parenting program.  Each 2-hour class will provide methods to sharpen your ability to assertively handle the most challenging behaviors with faith-based strategies.  Don’t miss out!  Every parent can benefit from this award-winning program!

To register go to our Registration Page and request a contact from our dedicated staff for this program!

Thanks for joining us this month for our Family and Parenting series!  Effective faith-based parenting can transform a child’s life!

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