For this week’s Marriage Moment – we are asking you to invest in marriage and consider to donate financially to the “Foundation for Christian Counseling.”


Donate Here

The Foundation seeks to help those in need when you donate by:
  • Helping those who struggle financially to access faith based counseling resources.
One fantastic resource for couples is our marriage enrichment weekend, From This Day Forward coming in February 2016!
The Foundation hopes to connect couples to events like these through financial scholarships.
Donations to the Foundation for Christian Counseling will also provide:
  • Advocacy and awareness of Christian Based resources and available interventions.
  • Aide for those who are in financial need and seeking Christian Counseling and other faith based resources.
  • Support for those facing severe crisis or long term treatment needs.
A donation of any amount would help us provide assistance to individuals, couples and families.  Please consider at donation at our website.
Thank you in advance for partnering with us to provide support to those in need!  Donate today!
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