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Set Priorities In Marriage

Take a moment to reflect on the priority level that you give your marriage!

Marriage expert, Dan Seaborn, (our speaker at From This Day Forward 2016 – for more information see below), offers an easy way to remember make marriage a priority. Consider that marriage requires four priority time zones. Just like our country has four time zones, your marriage needs four time zones to thrive.

US Time Zones

4 Time Zones

1) Daily Connections – Build a routine of spending one on one time together every day. For 20 – 30 minutes – be intentional about talking with one another.

2) Weekly Dates – Take an hour or two each week to enjoy each other’s company. A movie, lunch, a walk together.

3) Extended Dates – Once every month or two, go on a longer date. Maybe an overnight, or a full day away. Disconnect from work, and the daily business. Set your other agendas aside.

4) Getaways – Once or twice a year, schedule a weekend or a week long escape. These times give you and your spouse something to look forward to during the daily business of the family.

Setting “time zones” in place, gives your marriage priority space among all the less important “stuff” that can fill our lives. Due to misplaced priorities, marriages often suffer. Remember the 4 time zones, and you will always have spaces to build friendship and intimacy in your marriage.

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