Unresolved anger can “trap” us in many negative life consequences.  It can turn us into a ticking time bomb.  Anger that is explosive quickly destroys relationships.   On the other hand, holding anger inside is also counterproductive.  Suppressing anger can lead to bitterness and may even contribute to depression.  The first step to avoiding these “traps” is to discover a method of “releasing” or managing anger through attitude change.

Short Fuse Bomb

3 Methods for Releasing Anger

Avoid Pessimism

Resist the belief that conflict is a dead end.  When controlled, anger can direct communication in a manner that enhances cooperation and connection with others.  When anger is channeled productively it directs conversation past superficial topics into areas of deeper meaning and expression of convictions and personal needs.

Embrace Assertiveness

Speaking the “truth in love” is the highest example of assertiveness.  Ultimately, this type of approach channels and releases anger in a manner that builds relationships.  Assertiveness involves engaging others while being careful of their dignity in a way that shows a loving respect.  It carries a reverence for the worth of those around you.  Assertive engagement involves decisiveness accompanied by self-restraint and empathy for others.

Give Priority to Forgiveness

“Blessed are the gentle, for they shall inherit the earth.”

Matthew 5:5

The world glorifies the use of power over gentleness.  Anger can often tempt us to use power against our “enemies.”  Entertainment media often models this in the form of the violent and savvy hero that instantly vanquishes opponents.  Unfortunately, in real life, violence and revenge are most often used against family, friends and loved ones with destructive ramifications.

Jesus teaches us to hold gentleness as a priority attitude toward others.  He leads us to embrace the opportunity to forgive others as often as we are able.  We are blessed or happy because this attitude leads to comfort and undisturbed enjoyment in all relationships.  Jesus promises that when we submit our attitude to Him, our lives will be fulfilled.  Life is fraught with hardships, loss and even tragedy.  For this reason the world may ridicule or poke fun at attitudes like kindness and gentleness.  However, Jesus asks for our trust that gentleness and forgiveness will lead to happiness, health, and comfort in the long run.

Do you struggle with forgiveness with someone in your life?

The beginning of anger management is attitude change on a daily basis.  Need extra help? Christian Counseling Associates provides help for those who struggle with anger management issues.  In our locations from Clarion to Greensburg, Latrobe to New Castle, and in a location near you, we have faithful experts available to help.  If you or a loved one struggle with anger, call us today at 724-396-1510 or visit our website at stg.ccawpa.com.

Now that we have the right attitude in mind and heart, we can effectively be able to control anger.  Join us next week for our last installment on anger management, as we outline specific techniques to develop self-control in the midst of anger.

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