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A recent article at asked the question, “How much does the average divorce cost?”  Just calculating the average legal fees, the estimated price tag was at $15,000 to $30,000.

A closer look reveals other factors that are costly.  Court costs, split assets, 401(k) loss, and other potential credit issues can raise the above estimate to over $50.000.

The resulting impact on the family’s future is the more important cost that can not be calculated.  Let’s face it, living through a divorce is difficult, disruptive, and life altering for the whole family.

Church leaders and pastors know that communities have been devastated by divorce.  When families separate, they are also likely to permanently disconnect from their local church. Many families are missing from local churches as a result of divorce. The cost of declining church membership is dramatic. 

Take a moment this week, consider investing in your marriage.  If you’re already on board, teach this concept to someone else in your circle of influence.  A small investment now can help you avoid a lot of loss and heartache in the future.  A marriage enrichment weekend can be a great place to start.

Make good investments in your most important relationship and in a short time, you will be on your way to a transformed marriage!

Want to find out more…

To find out what it’s all about, please view the video above.  This weekend is scheduled for Feb. 27 thru March 1st at the Sheraton Station Square in Pittsburgh PA.

 Sign up now and take advantage of Super Early Bird Pricing available until Nov. 28th. (Visit Website for More Details – Click Here).

 Especially, share this announcement with your friends and family.  From great marriages, to those who need a serious tune up, many have experienced a turning point at this special weekend event.

Spend a moment, sign up and Come Refuel, Re-Connect, and Re-Commit to an excellent marriage, “From This Day Forward”!

God Bless,

Richard Hoffman Ph.D.

Clinical Director

Christian Counseling Associates of Western PA


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