At 19 years of age, my life was completely turned around in one night.  When the Billy Graham Crusade came to Pittsburgh in 1993, at the old Three Rivers Stadium, I was not much interested in Jesus, or His ways.  Although, deep down I new my life was missing something important.

I received a message that night that changed my life.  I was invited to make Jesus my Lord and Savior.

Come to the Festival of Hope this weekend!  This is a powerful ministry with an important, life changing message.  Invite your family and friends.  It’s at the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh.  It starts at 7 PM (tonight and Sunday), and its Free (no ticket required).

The Billy Graham Crusade eventually became the Festival of Hope.  My life was saved on a night like tonight and I am thankful to Jesus.  I am thankful to my family and friends that physically brought me to the event (and gave me wise counsel after my decision).  Maybe you or someone you know needs to be at this event?

Hope to see you at the Festival of Hope. Have a great weekend!

Richard Hoffman Ph.D.

Clinical Director

Christian Counseling Associates of Western PA

Website: stg.ccawpa.com


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