Is your church emotionally and spiritually healthy? Have you noticed troubling or dysfunctional behavior in your spiritual family lately? Are you personally seeking freedom from a pattern of behavior or emotion that is holding you back?

Join us for a new series starting next week on the Healthy Church. Whether you are a mature disciple of Jesus Christ, a new believer, or your just starting to ask questions about your faith, this series will help you along the path!

Emotional problems, habits, and dysfunction can limit our ability to grow in our faith. Church expert and pastor, Peter Scazzero, in his book, The Emotionally Healthy Church, identifies crucial skills for growing in faith and health:

  • the ability to look into the heart and take an honest read of your issues.
  • the ability to break the power of past influences
  • heart level honesty with yourself and others
  • wisdom in knowing personal limits
  • the ability to embrace loss and grief
  • being balanced in the truth and grace of Jesus Christ

Defining the “Emotionally Healthy Church” is crucial for any believer. It is important to assess our leaders, members, and our personal walk where we attend church. Ultimately, we hope that our church family is emotionally and spiritually healthy and proclaims the truth and grace of Jesus Christ.

However, the qualities that define a healthy church is never guaranteed. We need to make wise decisions regarding our own emotional and spiritual fitness, as well as constantly assessing the condition of the church where we belong.

At Christian Counseling Associates, we proclaim that the Church is the place for healing, growth, and rich relationship. Belonging to a Bible believing, healthy church family is essential to a fulfilling life in Jesus Christ.

Join us starting next week for our series on the Healthy Church. We will be looking at important concepts of what makes an “Emotionally Healthy Church” drawing from well known authors, as well as our many years of counseling experience.

This series will provide valuable information for everyone from pastors and church leaders to those who are questioning what church they should attend.

Along the way, we encourage our readers to share with us stories about their church involvement (both stories of success and failure). Send us an email at We would love to hear from you!

Have a great weekend!

Richard Hoffman Ph.D.
Clinical Director
Christian Counseling Associates of Western PA

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