Payment Options

Christian Counseling Associates’ goal is to make counseling more accessible by providing affordable counseling.

Insurances Accepted

We have many different options available that can make receiving counseling a reliable option for those who are in need, regardless of their financial resources. Insurance accepted varies by location and the specific staff counselor. Most insurance plans provide payment for our counseling services. For those who are not insured we have affordable payment options. We currently accept the following plans:


Employee Assistance Programs (EAP insurance)

Payment Plans for Counseling
Our regular fee for counseling is shown below:

Individual, Marital, and Family Counseling – $85 per hour

Group Counseling – $35 per session

Sliding Scale Fees for Counseling

For those who are not able to use insurance, we have a fee reduction program that is based on annual household income. To apply for this reduction, the client must meet income guidelines.

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